There are curently two vacancies for members on the UCML Executive: Translation and Interpreting and East Asian Studies. Interested candidates should complete the nomination form below. Any elections will be held in May 2015, with a closing date of 4pm 26 May 2015.

Due to the resignation of Professor Paul Rowlett for professional reasons - following his recent promotion to Pro-Vice Chancellor at Salford- a vacancy has occured for the post of Vice Chair. Applicants hould complete the profile below. If there are several applicants an election will be held from 30 April to 21 May 2015.

You can download the letter to awarding bodies here. Responses will be uploaded here when received.

Update 26/3: Ministers and Shadow Ministers are noticing this campaign. Now is the time to contact your MP to ask them to support it.

A last minute late debate which raised lots of interest in the twittersphere thanks to amplification from Speak to the Future, UCML and others. Quality of contributions greater than quantity of contributors. Meanwhile in the Lords, there was disappointment at the lack of expertise in UK for intercultural diplomacy.

A series of twitter chats are currently underway in the run up to the election as UCML is lobbying for greater recognition of the contribution of languages to the health of the UK as a nation. These conversations will be shared on this news item once they are complete.

Survey reveals ‘difficult climate’ for languages in schools • 99 per cent of primary schools surveyed are now teaching languages - the challenge now is to develop quality; • Take up of language GCSEs remains low and is extremely varied with entries being highest in London and lowest in North East England; • Attracting enough pupils to study a language post-16 is seen as the ‘most widespread challenge’ for language teachers; • Prioritisation of maths and science, the growing trend of excluding pupils from language study and performance measure pressures are amongst the key factors adversely affecting languages in secondary schools.

UCAS has released datasets showing how demand for languages and related study in higher education has changed from 2007 to 2014. The data show a further decline in the number of applications and the number of accepted places.

Marion Sporing elected Chair of UCML Scotland

Each year the Association of University Language Centres in the UK and Ireland conduct a survey to explore the take up of Institution-Wide Language Programmes (for credit and not for credit) in UK universities.