Event organised under the aegis of the University of Cambridge Language Sciences Strategic Research Initiative and the Public Policy Strategic Research Initiative, in partnership with Speak to the Future and UCML

Northumbria University has reviewed its degrees in French and Spanish and decided to close them for being non viable, due to student numbers.

HEFCE has published an update on the document 'Higher Education in England: Key facts' for 2015. Encouragingly, the small 2012-13 decline in HE students has been met with an increase of 4.8% on the overall figure for 2013-14.

Earlier this year UCML conducted a survey of members about their experiences of REF2014. The outcomes were reported at the UCML plenary meeting in July 2015 where we also heard from HEFCE and sub panels 27 and 28. Following our plenary and the publication of the papers from the meeting on our website, the Times Higher Education picked up on our survey and published an article. Members should come to their own conclusions, but the article sought particularly to pick up on tension between linguistics and other languages disciplines which many may not feel reflects the reality of experience in our sector. The Chair and Vice Chair of sub-panel 28 have written a response.

It has been announced that the School of Modern Languages at Ulster University is to close completely, following budget cuts to the Northern Ireland Executive and consequent budget cuts to the Department of Employment and Learning which have impacted on funding to Northern Irish Universities

A brief analysis of the numbers taking GCSE language exams this year and the trends when compared to previous years can be downloaded here.

Using the statistics published today by the Joint Council for Qualifications, UCML provide a trends analysis. This may be the quickest way for UCML members to check the figures for languages, without having to plough through the JCQ data.

The findings from our research into members' experiences of REF 2014.

In speeches in June 2015 both the Secretary of State for Education and the Minister of State for schools have outlined their plans for all pupils to take GCSEs in the EBacc suite of subjects (which crucially include a language). We knew from the Conservative party manifesto that the EBacc was to be 'enforced' through Ofsted. We now have more information on the plans and have written letters on behalf of UCML members in response.