Following the recent calls for nominations, we are delighted to announce that the following colleagues are joining the UCML Executive Committee

As colleagues are undoubtedly well aware in their own Universities, the REF results were published on 18th December.

A survey was conducted by Elena Polisca, UCML Executive Committee member representing Language Teaching. It covered contact hours and credit loads in the main 'European' languages and makes useful comparative reading for all Heads of Department.

The call for nominations to the UCML Executive Committee is now open. It is vital to the work of UCML that colleagues committed to representing their disciplines nationally and to networking between UCML and relevant subject associations are encouraged to stand.

It is vital that colleagues committed to representing Middle Eastern Studies nationally and to liaising with BRISMES be encouraged to stand for election to the UCML Executive Committee.

A short round-up of current/recent UCML activities to raise the profile of languages with the public and policy makers alike. Please help us to engage more widely, especially in the run-up to the next General Election, particularly by using social media to disseminate news about languages issues and UCML activities.

Catherine Chabert, University of Cardiff, has been elected as representative for Wales, replacing Claire Gorrara.

Diana Holmes, Professor of French at the University of Leeds, was elected as UCML Executive member for French.

UCML has responded positively to Ofqual's report on assessment issues for A level modern languages.

UCML has submitted formal responses to a number of Ofqual and DfE consultations around reforms affecting secondary languages.