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Research in modern languages in the UK continues to be both varied and prolific. Government belief in our field is slowly growing, and we have the strong support of the British Academy and the APPG, which have both benefited from close collaboration with UCML. But, as a key field in the humanities, we also face a number of challenges, in the UK and in Europe, in relation both to our own research and that of younger researchers.

This area of the site focuses on information, updates, organisations and projects of relevance to languages research and is updated by UCML Vice Chair for Research Naomi Segal.


At the Plenary on 3 July we will have the presentation of the UCML REF survey (also attached to this page), as well as a chance to discuss and debate with four representatives of REF2014 and raise issues for the next REF.

FURTHER ITEMS APPENDED (NB scroll down as items are added at the end)

  1. UCML REF survey: summary of results (powerpoint)
  2. REF2014 Panel D overview
  3. REF2014 Manager's report
  4. REF2014 Impact reports (three items)
  5. HEFCE QR funding
  6. Information on AHRC Commons
  7. BIS consultation on Postgraduate funding

REF results published

The REF results were published on Thursday 18 December. For full information, see , and the documents attached to this page. Within Modern Languages & Linguistics a total of 57 UoAs were returned, of which five HEIs returned two submissions, an A and a B.

Because of the changed parameters of submission, it is not possible to compare the numbers of returns or success rate to those in RAE 2008. But it can be noted that Languages & Linguistics have held their own well in relation to 'cognate' fields in the Arts & Humanities (see table below).

Though most UCML HEIs submitted to Sub-panel 28 (MLL), a number submitted to Sub-panel 27, Area Studies. The summary data for both Sub-panels are appended here.

Documents appended to this page (see right):

  • Doc 1: REF 2014 all fields all aspects (shows GPAs for all subjects all submissions)
  • Doc 2: REF 2014 full information
  • Doc 3: Brief Guide
  • Doc 4: REF 2014 summary data 28: Average profiles Modern Languages & Linguistics
  • Doc 5: REF 2014 summary data 27: Average profiles Area Studies
GPA (grade point average)


output impact
Languages and Linguistics: 2.96 2.86 3.12
English Language & Literature 3.03 2.94 3.15
History 3.04 2.96 3.18
Classics 3.08 2.97 3.27